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From the 0 A.D Factions page

The Iberians were fathers of the art of guerrilla warfare, capable of lightning strikes against an opponent and withdrawing before he can mass an offensive. Their foot units are some of the fastest and most rapid-firing in the game, particularly their Balearic Slingers. A number of their ranged units also have the unique ability to fire flaming missiles. Toledo steel grants them superior metal weaponry.

What little we do know from historical sources describing the Iberian tribes, however, is that they were not a warlike people; they did hire out mercenaries to other peoples, but they rarely themselves went to war. Organized as a loose confederation of tribes and cities, their economy subsisted of agriculture, metalworking and exporting metals.

When under threat, however, Iberia did not lend itself easily to conquest. Not even the great Hannibal could accomplish the task, and it took the Romans 200 years. Part of this has to do with two distinct features of the way the Iberians waged war: One was the guerrilla war style of fighting they employed; in fact, the Iberians invented guerrilla warfare. The second was the strong fortifications they built, the oppidum (a fortified town) and the castro (a hill fort).

Civilization TraitsEdit

  • Iberians are able to field a wide variety of infantry units, with an exception of Archers. This makes them very versatile, and capable of fielding many infantry tactics - they also possess some of the best slingers in the game.
  • Iberian Cavalry is decent but lacking at times, although benefit from various technologies including Teledo steel.
  • Iberian Siege is lacking, with only the most basic Battering Ram. However, their civilization do have special abilities that make up for this deficiency including "flaming javelins" that excel at destroying structures and fortifications.
  • Iberians have a severe disadvantage in terms of a traditional navy, able to build no warships however they are capable of constructing special purpose Fireships which lose health over time but are capable of setting enemy ships on fire and wreak havoc on wooden ships.
  • Iberians due to a Civilization bonus in will automatically have City Walls built for them, and possess excellent fortifications with Wall Towers along with special monuments that provide attack bonuses for units within the monument's LOS makes the Iberians an effective defensive civilization

Civilization BonusesEdit

  • Harritsu Leku
    • History: With exception to alluvial plains and river valleys, stone is abundant in the Iberian Peninsula and was greatly used in construction of structures of all types.
    • Effect: The Iberian player starts the match with a powerful prefabricated circuit of stone walls.
  • Zaldi Saldoa
    • History: Not unlike Numidia in North Africa, the Iberian Peninsula was known as 'horse country', capable of producing up to 100,000 new mounts each year.
    • Effect: Horses can be captured in the wild and placed in the Corral. Unlike normal corralled animals that generate food, the corralled Horse functions similarly to a relic as in AoM. As long as it/they remain(s) in the Corral, the resource cost of training horse-mounted units (cavalry) is reduced by a fixed amount of -5% per animal corralled.

Team BonusEdit

  • Saripeko
    • History: The Iberians were long known to provide mercenary soldiers to other nations to serve as auxiliaries to their armies in foreign wars. Carthage is the most well known example, and we have evidence of them serving in such a capacity in Aquitania.
    • Effect: Infantry and Cavalry Citizen Soldier Skirmishers civ cost -50% (that is of whatever the cost of a skirmisher is to a given civ; does not apply to Super Units also armed with the javelin).

Unique TechnologiesEdit

  • Suzko Txabalina
    • History: Iberian tribesmen were noted for wrapping bundles of grass about the shafts of their throwing spears, soaking that in some sort of flammable pitch, then setting it afire just before throwing.
    • Effect: Unlocks the flaming component attributed to javelin-armed units; causes targets struck to become inflamed and lose hitpoints at a constant rate until and if either healed or repaired, as appropriate.
  • Maisu Burdina Langileak
    • History: The Iberians were known to produce the finest iron and steel implements and weapons of the age.
    • Effect: Metal costs for units and technologies reduced by 50%.


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